Monday, October 20, 2008

OUR ANNIVERSARY: 25 Years on Wednesday!

That is right, this Wednesday is our 25th Wedding Anniversay! Dave has been a blessing in my life! He is such a GREAT example of Christ-like qualities in his view of life and his actions! He helps me be a better person, just by doing what comes naturally to him! I am so very grateful that our Heavenly Father brought us together....for eternity! We always say there was a bit of 'matchmaking' happening via some angels that night. It was MEANT TO BE for certain! He is the love of MY life! He has been a super Dad and is a caring and fun (hands-on) Grandpa too! Here's to our next 25 years together!

The BINGO WALTZ RULES! (which is how we met....doing the 'Bingo Waltz' at a Single Adult Church Slovang, CA)

Monday, August 4, 2008

July was FUN-tastic!

We just had FUN....on top of more FUN this month!

Fourth of July: We got a WONDERFUL last minute visit from Tara & Jon and Allie! They arrived in the early am.....Dave & I went to the church's Pancake Breakfast, and then we met them up in Ojai for the July 4th Parade.

We met up with Jon's family, who saved us seats on the curbside at the beginning of the parade. Allie loved the horses, and old cars, and any kids that were marching in the parade. I think she liked the bands too. Of course we enjoyed it all through her eyes, so everything was FUN for us. Dave & I continued our family tradition and drove back down to the Ventura Street Fair. We approached it from the opposite side (the Avenue) since we came from Ojai. It made it a little different. I made a few small purchases, and we were done in 2 hours flat! That is a record, I think. After a nap at home, Dave & I drove back up to Ojai to join the Bigler Family for fireworks.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Claudia is back-to-school

Well, after a 4 year hiatus, I decided to hit the books and finish this bachelors degree of mine. I am doing my last 4 classes on-line with a compressed schedule. I should be finished by my birthday. I will be graduating from Ashford University in Ohio. This is where I began finishing up my degree requirements several years ago. I only had one class to go (they changed the requirements so now it is 4 classes).

I took a break the holidays and then for the birth of our first three grandkids.....each class is a short 5 weeks...very compressed and intense: requires time and attention. I just could not focus on school, when something so wonderful and GREAT was happening in our lives! That is ALL I wanted to focus on at the time! We were becoming grandparents and I wanted to relish in that 'world'...not school.

Anyway, that break lasted way longer than it should have, but the good thing is I am on the home stretch to this long awaited goal. So between 2 weeks ago and Oct. 12th, I have been and will be intensely involved in this project each day after my workday is over. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pictures from Boise

Mark & Mari visited the weekend before I got to Boise. These pictures are from Jills camera.

Julie, Jordan, Jill, Mom, Avery, Bethany

Dan & his new girlfriend. She is also a cop

Linda & Lance Bradbury, Shawn, Jed & Scott Stewart

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Great Grandma Stewart

This one was taken today, May 12th

This picture was on Saturday May 10th, 2008. Mom was sure she would go home this day so we called all the girls and let them say goodby. Mom had been more alert than she had been previous days.

Great Grandma and Jack Stewart Swanson (born Feb 25th 2008)

Mom & my sister Jill Lister

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Guess what our Priesthood Brethern did for us today?

During Relief Society the youth took care of Primary, and all the brethern served ALL the sisters 18 years & older a luncheon they had prepared.
They said they kept it simple, because it was the Sabbath, but I just have to say it was delicious! What a wonderful TREAT for all of us women in the Relief Society! That was truly a display of LOVE and appreciation for all of the sisters in the ward! What can I say.....we have a GREAT Bishop!THANKS BISHOP!!!!!!
And thanks to all the men in the ward who made this happen. We are grateful!I took pictures, but again, I have to learn to how to hook up my camera to get those onto this blog. If Dave were home, he could show me....but, alas....he is in Idaho.

Mother's Day Surprise

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Yesterday there was a knock at the door and when I opened it I was flabbergasted to see a beautiful edible bouquet being delivered to ME right at my doorstep! They said, "this if for Claudia Stewart", and I responded "for me"? And the guy said, "if you are Claudia Stewart, yes." WOW, for me???? I was happily SHOCKED....for me!THANKS TO LANAE & CHRIS & FAMILY.....I love it and of course I LOVE YOU!Mine look just like this picture, but a blue metal basket. I got this picture from their website, because I don't know how to hook-up my camera to the computer to download the pictures I took of MY bouquet. (Dave is in Idaho visiting his Mom for Mother's Day today)I immediately began eating the fruit last night....then this am, I took it over to my Mom's & Joyce's house for a shared breakfast....I brought the fruit and they provided the waffles. I drove over there in my PJ's (before church). We also had some cocoa in cute coconut cups (drink through the straws) from Target. I got them each one and I have two in our guest room.